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Below are some examples of special projects Dreadnought can complete for your business. We are certainly not limited to what is shown here... contact us about your project!


e-commerce for distribution

Launching an e-commerce site for your business seems like a no-brainer. That is until you discover how much data entry and other work goes into it. Most industrial distributors' inventory items aren't prepared with the appropriate information such as images, weights, SA fields, etc., and this means that someone is going to have to do it all. Data entry temps don't understand your product so your talent is going to have to prepare all of your sellable items one at a time. That's usually where we start. Where we finish is a beautiful and streamlined e-commerce site ready to accept orders.


business valuation

Dreadnought Consultancy can offer comprehensive business analysis and even a full business valuation calculating the client's organization's current market value. We offer report formats that are IRS/USPAP and industry standard compliant, and can provide services tailored to meet your budgetary needs.


customer surveys

Sometimes a company's conventional wisdom regarding how their customers perceive them can be misleading. Learn what your customers think about your business with an online survey conducted by Dreadnought. The answers may surprise, comfort, or alarm you, but in any case they will provide you will invaluable information.