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Workplace Substance Abuse Education

Get Ahead of the Problem.

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Dealing with people
Not drugs

Most of the estimated 30 million Americans suffering with addiction work full time. No business is immune. Dreadnought Consultancy has an approach to this issue that asks nuanced questions: What can managers and supervisors do to improve the chances of a talented employee returning to a sufficient level of productivity? How do they relate to the unrelatable? Is there a difference between drug abuse and drug addiction? Dreadnought offers business leaders experience in effectively operating a healthy and productive work environment. We don't just offer a professional understanding of these issues, but a personal understanding from thousands of hours volunteering with addicted people. We delivery this service thru three main avenues:

  • Substance Abuse Consulting for Business

    • Substance abuse policies

    • State-specific consulting

    • Employee evaluation

    • Treatment consulting

    • Typically for small businesses

  • Workshops & Webinars

    • Can be tailored to your business, industry, or interest

    • Specialized & unique content

    • For Trade or Management Associations, Medium, & Large Businesses

  • Speaking Engagements

    • Unique Subject Matter

    • Memorable Delivery

    • Affordable

    • Available on short notice